Noel Nowicki

Dr Noel NowickiBiography of Noel C. Nowicki, MD

By combining over 30 years of experience as an Internist, with the world of complementary medicine studies, Dr. Nowicki practices integrated medicine bringing his patients the best of both medical models including, acupuncture and herbal medicine, and western and alternative medicine.

Dr. Nowicki’s acupuncture training started at the Helms Institute at UCLA and has continued over the years, taking courses with leading acupuncture teachers throughout the United States and Europe.  Following his medical acupuncture training in California, he attended and graduated from the Eastern School of Acupuncture and TRADITIONAL MEDICINE in Montclair New Jersey.  Dr. Nowicki has trained acupuncture students with both of these programs.

As well as teaching, the doctor has conducted acupuncture research on various topics. A special area of interest is acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation.  While working at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Dr. Nowicki published and won an international research award for his work with stroke disability.

In addition to classic TCM acupuncture, Dr. Nowicki is trained in Western neuroanatomical acupuncture and Craig’s PENS techniques for pain syndromes.  He is also trained in and practices French Meridian, Mark Seem’s energetics, and Japanese acupuncture as taught by Kiiko Matsumoto. He uses both Chinese and Japanese scalp acupuncture techniques.

Besides lecturing and teaching, his practice includes treating patients for a wide variety of issues including pain and internal medicine problems.  Dr. Nowicki was the first physician to have acupuncture privileges at Mountainside Hospital and the Kessler Institute, where he worked with their brain injury, sports medicine and pain programs.  As a recognized expert in his field, Dr. Nowicki has been featured in the New York Times, Star Ledger and other national and local media.